Seadub Limited

Precision Engineers

Seadub® is a team of precision engineers and we design and manufacture parts for the marine industry. Our specialist machinery and equipment enables short set up times meaning we produce one-offs or small batches without the usually high associated costs.  Seadub® will always try to carry out work at short…

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About Seadub

Where - Who - What

Seadub® provides manufacturing services for Superyachts and Racing Yachts.  We are Precision Engineers that understand the Marine Industry. We have a well equipped workshop including CNC machining capabilities and a design office with 3D modelling software.  Please take a look at some reviews from our customers.  

Our Workshop

Seadub® has a well equipped workshop with both CNC and manual machining and welding capabilities located in Kemps Quay Industrial Park just outside of Southampton City Centre. We have an in-house design office with 3D modelling and CAD CAM software.  


Our articles, vacancies and blog posts will be shared with you under our “News” heading.  For blog posts and articles of interest please follow our “News” link in the dropdown, otherwise follow “Job Vacancies”.

Seadub Limited

Portfolio of Work

The skill and experience of the Seadub team is mainly used to design and manufacture parts for the marine industry, including Race yachts and Superyachts. We are always open to…

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