The list below is our recommended winterization programme.


Main Engine / Generator

  1. Engine oil and filter change (remainder of service to be carried out upon recommisioning)
  2. Coat engine in corrosion inhibitor
  3. Protect engine internals with use of fogging oil
  4. Clean and lubricate all starter motor and alternator connections
  5. Lubricate engine controls
  6. Remove injectors for service (refit upon recommision)
  7. Fill fuel tanks (optional fuel additive)
  8. Drain and replace gearbox oil and filter if present
  9. Remove drive belts
  10. Replace summer coolant with corrosion inhibiting anti-freeze (if applicable)
  11. Top up power steering reservoir (if applicable)
  12. Drain raw water system and flush with anti-freeze
  13. Replace the pencil zincs in the raw water system.


Auxiliary Systems

  1. Drain all water tanks and water heating system. Add solution to waterlines coming from the water tank to prevent cracking upon freezing
  2. Lay Up WC
  3. Overhaul WC
  4. Disconnect batteries (option 1: to store ashore trickle charge, option 2: install a battery condition monitor where shorepower available)
  5. Check operation of engine heaters / dehumidifiers (if applicable)
  6. Check all stern glands
  7. Check and lubricate steering system
  8. Service all seacocks
  9. Check deck fittings
  10. Lubricate transducers
  11. Check all underwater fittings and rudder hangings
  12. Check and clean anchor cable and locker
  13. Check cutlass bearings
  14. Check folding propeller operation (if applicable)
  15. Service all winches
  16. Inspect and test all hydraulics
  17. Check and renew anodes
  18. Remove liferaft(s) and lifejackets and arrange servicing
  19. Arrange gas inspection by gas safe certified engineer



  1. Protective shrink wrapping over suitable framework (this can include zipped entrances for access)
  2. Full polish of topsides and superstructure (UV protective)
  3. Steam clean of upholstery
  4. Clean interior (including galley)
  5. Clean bilges

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